This site is about an idiot and his drinking experience.

However, I am an idiot of legal, drinking age.

I do not recommend or condone anyone under the age of 21 to taste, smell or even think about these beers.  (Besides, you probably cannot afford them!)

If you do, even against my wishes, know that you are breaking the law of the United States of America.  (It might even be considered an act of terrorism.)  Also, I will be very disappointed in you.

If you are caught and you try to blame/ sue me, know that I only have $14.87 in savings.

So, if you are under the age of 21, please click one of the following links to be redirected away from my site:

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Thank you,



3 comments on “Disclaimer

    • From what I’ve read, it’s not really necessary because we are not selling anything. Even the beer sites that have you enter your birth date are not required to do so. They are just trying to appear as if they are taking an active part in dissuading minors from drinking. We just did it as another (failed) attempt at humor. 😀

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