7 comments on “Like A Phoenix From the Ashes!!

  1. Dude! Welcome back!

    I completely understand the “burnout” part of beer reviewing (you’ll notice I don’t do as many in rapid fashion, either, anymore). That’s why my blog is full of all kinds of other written nonsense. Ever try your hand at non-beer related nonfiction? Sacrilege, I know, but worth trying just to keep things fresh.

    • Thanks man, I really appreciate that you’ve stayed with me! I’ve considered expanding my topics but that wasn’t on the radar when we started this blog… but since I’m the decider now you may indeed see some different things from me!

  2. Welcome back, Mike! I’ll gladly have The Beer Review back under any rules! As far as non-beer stuff, how about a review of that Raspberry chocolate chip, or a photo essay of your new work digs. Both look amazing!!

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