9 comments on “BEER WINS.

  1. Awesome. I can’t wait to read the blog post, “Mike’s first trip to his LOCAL liquor store.” As far as setting up a store, I imagine you have a hoard of developer types trying to set themselves up. Seedy deals are already being made in dark rooms my friend. If you’re going to play that game, be prepared to bury a few bodies, LOL.

    • I saw a post on the newspaper’s Facebook page from a guy that works at the County Clerk’s office – he said he’s had over 130 requests for liquor licenses today, most from already established grocery and convenience stores, but a good number from independent people as well. I say I just wait and see if there are any stores that carry GOOD beer, then just buy them out with your grant money.

      Can’t go wrong.

  2. Nice! When I lived in SC, I got to vote to repeal not being allowed to serve alcohol in restaurants on Sundays and bars having to serve liquor from airline mini-bottles. But outright dry town is way better! But now you might have to change your “About” profile.

    • I was really excited that it’s for restaurant and take-home sales as well. The next small town over from us allows alcohol sales in restaurants, but it’s always a hassle to drive there to drink and then drive back mostly sober.

    • Hell no! You were dumb enough to buy shit for me in the first place, why would I stop taking advantage of you now?

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