5 comments on ““Let My Tastebuds Go!” – Great Lakes Holy Moses

    • I agree, that’s probably the best course of action. Coincidentally, I’m currently accepting grant donations to fund just this sort of project! Can I put you down for, say, $50,000?

      • Send me a detailed map of the area with the location of the store marked. I’ll also need a copy of your business plan projected out for 10 years. I’ll have my financial guys look it over.

      • I was hoping you’d ask! Here’s the detailed map:



        1) Year 1 – Year 10: Sell beer. Maybe some liquor. Use store as personal craft beer storehouse. Send you and all other grantors any beer desired for free all the time, dude. Seriously. Anything.

      • I’ll have to talk it over with my peeps (although, between you and me, that’s the best business plan I’ve EVER seen!). Hopefully your area has a development plan to get rid of the hillbillies. They’re bad for an area who’s trying to cross over from the steamy sub-culture of illegal liquor procurement to the more moral side of “getting shit faced on booze I legally bought within 5 miles of my house”. The dragons? Oh, the dragons can stay. No problem with the dragons.

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