9 comments on “When Brewers Are Awesome: Rivertown Brewing Company

  1. Sounds like an awesome time! Nothing like seeking beer out at its source, and nothing like having an enthusiastic brewer willing to take you on a personalized guided tour of his product. That’s the kind of day that just makes this hobby so much fun!

    • I was really blown away by how friendly and open they were. I guess I just assume that people that are running a legitimate business don’t have time to sit for an hour or two with a handful of customers. Glad they proved me wrong!

  2. Really cool post! I love seeing local breweries making cool beer. I want to get my hands on that blackberry lambic.

    • Man, I do too! They have four barrels that they’re going to blend, and Randy told us that one of them is very dry and sour… I can’t wait!

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