One comment on “C for Effort: The Brew Kettle’s Four C’s

  1. Nice! The Hop-epedia Project is getting cross-references! I think I might know of the flavor of which you speak (or at least part of it). If it is like the mysterious pungent, spicy, resinous, piney quality floating around in the background of certain mangos combined with the sort of anise/clovey quality on the tail end of some dank basil, it could be the Columbus hops (I love this flavor). Chinook can add some piney and spicey flavors. Although, with that many kinds of hops, all bets are off (especially when they could be adding them at different times). Lyrics, Libations, and Life just did a review of Sweetwater’s 420 (and I have had Sweetwater’s IPA). I do believe both of those have that flavor floating around. I love Snake River’s Pako’s IPA for that flavor (after you wade through the citrus and pine), which has a combo of Simcoe and Columbus…That beer isn’t widely available, but that combo can be found in other beers. I felt like Founders Double Trouble has it. Deviant Dale’s has it, if you are willing to have your tastebuds bludgeoned to death by the other flavors. Then sometimes Centennial combined with others (like Simcoe) can fool me into thinking there is Columbus.

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