4 comments on “Hoppin’ Frog Hop Dam

  1. I had this beer at The Cleveland IX Center Beer Festival last Spring, when They introduced this beer for the 1st time. I had to pay the VIP price to be able to enter the Lounge where Fred him self was serving this Palate Destroyer. Of course it was the 3rd beer we tried of the night. What a mistake, blew out our palates, and with all the other fine brews ahead, we had to find anything we could to try and cleanse our obliterated Tongues. Grapes Cheese and Crackers did an Ok job. But had to find it again when it was released to the public, so I could be ready. What a Real treat when I was prepared. The price was a shocker, so probably will buy 1 time a yr. Just thought I’d share. Cheers Mark
    P.S. Have you had Founders Devil Dancer? It runs a close secondto the all mighty Hop Damn Triple.

    • Thanks for the comments, Mark! I think I know just the place to look for Devil Dancer. Check back soon as I might be able to get my hands on some this weekend and have a revue as early as next week! Thanks for the recommendation!

    • You won’t be disappointed, Mondster. I had Sierra Nevada’s Hoptimum for the first time the other day, and to be honest, all I could think was, “Meh, there’s a decent amount of hops here, but it’s no Hop Dam!”

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